Sarah Ruggieri Cole

IWCP, what can we say… this company is outstanding. What they have done and continue to do was unexpected, much needed and simply exceptional. The HD cameras they’ve so quickly installed at various beaches and other locations around Barbados not only allow us to see how the weather is and what the ocean conditions are for our stand up paddle business, but they show us and our customers near and far how beautiful our beaches are. The cameras are not only used as a looking glass to admire this island paradise, but are great tools for keeping Barbados as safe as it is. The professionalism, kindness and intelligence of the IWCP team has blown us away. We are so impressed with this forward-thinking team and the fact that they are more concerned with the prospering of Barbados than themselves, and the future of an active, healthy, safe and unified community is at the forefront of all of their goals.


Jay Garrett

I Just think your app is great for BARBADOS and it helps my work everyday and my playtime too. Keep it going!